• 16th feb 2010

    yeah...done it again...AGES between posts.

    Gregor had a good 3rd birthday, spoiled rotten again LOL.

    What have I been up to tho...well...

    Usual day to day stuff...nothing spectactular happening really.

    I have been busy with crochet tho, and at the moment possible due to a crappy connection speed at the moment i'm having problems with getting to my uploaded piccies...please check my media if you would like to see the latest creation, altho i will try again later to get pics on HERE

    He's an Alien Facehugger...pictured with the littlest one for an idea of size, and giant Bob the Builder made a good model too PMSL

    I am in the process of making a Hanar too tho...Hanar are a race of space jellyfish type things from the game Mass Effect, I'll pop up pics of the "real" thing as well as the crocheted one for those that don't do video games so you can compare.

    ANYWAYS...back to the grindstone of crocheting, pancake making and duct-taping the buggy shopping basket back together after the 3 year old climbed into it and some of the plastic ripped


  • Crochet Snake 3rd feb 2010



    gauge isn't really important, you just need to make sure the hook and wool give a close enough finish so as not to leave big holes. I used a 4mm hook and a double knitting wool that handled quite heavy...it definitely wasnt a baby weighted DK. Used maybe about 25g of main colour with oddments of red and black for detail

    sc single crochet
    ch chain
    inc increase (work 2 sc in single stitch)
    dec decrease (insert hook, pull thru thread, insert hook in next stitch, pull thru yarn, then pull yarn thru all 3 loops to make one stitch)

    the main body is worked in spirals

    Start off by making the tongue, this way it can be fastened off well inside before stuffing the head and prevents any small bits getting eaten off (i have two small boys, so eaten off IS the correct term lol)

    With red chain 12, turn and sc in 2nd chain from hook and following 5chain, this makes one half of the forked tongue, make another 7 chain coming off from the last sc, sc down these new chain for the other side of the fork, then sc down the rest of the base chain and fasten off...you should have what now looks like a forked tongue

    Using main colour work 2 ch
    1st row work 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (6st)
    2nd row (inc) in each sc (12st)
    3rd row (inc, 1sc) to end (18st)
    4th row (inc) in first 3 sc, then sc to end (21st)
    5th row (inc, sc, inc) twice, then sc to end (25st)
    work 3 rounds straight
    9th row (dec, sc,sc,sc) repeat to end (20st)
    10th row(dec, sc,sc, sc) to end (16st)

    at this point attach tongue by bringing ends thru the starter loop and sewing in ends and knotting off well. Make eyes using knotted wool, i used 2 strands held together bringing wool thru 6 times then pulling tight to make a large sized knot, attaching as picture at the bump in the head. Stuff head then continue on with spirals.

    Work for as long as you feel you need to, stuffing as you go, to make a long sausage. I made him long enough to allow a knot, but he could easily be longer or shorter as you wish...this makes him a great stash buster as long as you remeber to leave enough to decrease for the tail as follows...

    before decreasing stuff end only very well so the stuffing can move out and fill the tail end when finished.

    continue in rounds working a decrease the 5sc round until it gets too close to work comfortably...i had about 5 sts left by that stage, break yarn and stitch thru end to close.

    et voila...a little snake :D

  • 3rd Feb 2010

    I've been busy

    My oldest sprog will be 3 tomorrow...THREE!!!!!

    Here's a wee piccy of the two of them...Brian on the left, Gregor on the right, 19 months and 3 years.


    they were watching the TV and Mummy got in the way, hence Gregor attempting to leap off the sofa as Mummy dosn't make a good window :roll:

    SO...what have i been up to?

    Well i stuck a toggle button on the little orange backpack. It's all ready to be wrapped for part of the present for tomorrow...along with the earlier pictured frog, octopus and seal, but there are now some more additions

    Firstly another pair of wellie socks,this time black and red marl...the pair he already has have proved popular with him


    Next a little lobster...he was cute so i had to, 2 pics to show front and back

    PDF link


    Baby bunny is next


    turned out like this


    Now for a little dragon...piccy dosnt really show what he's really like unforts as the two tone wool isn't picturing very well so this was the best of a bad bunch...he really looks MUCH better, and i will be doing more of these ones for sure



    Next is back to Lion Brand patterns for a little penguin



    Next one is a little cat...care of Simply Knitting magazine, an Alan Dart pattern. Not for the faint-hearted as there is quite a lot of shaping...very worthwhile tho. He turned out like this


    Finally a snake...but as he's a pattern i made up as i went i'll pop him on another post so i can tag him right LOL

  • 28th Jan 2010 Iggle Piggle (knitted)

    We don't watch In The Night Garden here, always Nick Jr at the moment, but a friend challenged me to make an Iggle Piggle, so i made a basic pattern.


    As usual just using budget wool in pale blue (maybe about 30grams worth) and some oddments of black and red. uk size 10 needles (3.25mm) and some toy stuffing. legs,body and head are all one piece, stitch count in bold at end of row

    k Knit
    p Purl
    st-st stocking stitch
    st/s stitch/stitches
    inc increase
    k2tog/k3tog knit 2 together/knit 3 together

    instructions in brackets are repeated as mentioned


    Beginning at base of feet with red cast on 14st

    1st row inc k wise in every stitch (28st)
    beginning knit st-st 2 rows
    change to pale blue and st-st 8 rows

    shape for feet
    next row k4, (k2tog) twice, (k3tog) 4times, (k2tog) twice, k4 (16 sts)
    st-st 15 rows on these 16sts ending with a p row. break yarn and leave sts on a spare needle

    make another leg the same without breaking wool.

    join legs together

    knit across the 16 sts on needle, then knit across the sts on the other leg, mark both ends of row with coloured thread (32sts)
    continue on these sts, beginning purl st-st 21 rows

    shape shoulders

    next row (k4, k2tog) twice, k8, (k2tog, k4) twice (28sts)
    st-st 5 rows

    increase for head
    next row k3, (inc in next st, k2) 7 times, inc in next st, k3 (36sts)
    st-st 9 rows
    next row k24, (k2tog) twice, k8 (34sts)
    purl 1 row
    next row k23, (k2tog) twice, k7 (32sts)
    st-st 15 rows

    shape top of head

    next row k5, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k to end (30sts)
    purl 1 row
    next row (k2tog) to end (15sts)
    next row p1, (p2tog) to end (8sts)

    break yarn leaving a long end, thread thru remaining 8 sts and pull up lightly

    to make up, bring coloured threads at top of legs together with right side inside and sew both leg seams and oversew cast on stitches, sew up the back seam to just above neck shaping. sew seam from top of head for about an inch to leave space at back of head,

    turn right side out and stuff. At this point i would embroider on facial features or add on safety eyes if using them, this way all ends can be well knotted inside the head and less likely to be pulled out by an overzealous tot lol)

    finish stuffing and sew seam at back of head closed. get a double length of pale blue wool and wrap around neck, pull tight and knot well, sew in ends


    using light blue cast on 7st
    1st row (inc) k wise to end (14sts)
    beginning purl st-st 15 rows

    shape elbows
    next row k12 turn
    next row p10
    next row k to end
    st-st 9 rows

    shape top of arm

    dec 1st at each end of next and every following row until 4sts remain. Cast off

    with right side inside sew up seam to top shaping, turn right side and stuff, sew open edge to body with cast off edge at shoulder shaping.

    using a double length of wool tie around at approximately row 7 of arm, tie tightly and sew in ends to create a hand.

    hair make 4

    using red cast on 5 sts and icord 6 rows
    (where you knit across, slip sts back to 1st needle, bring yarn behind and knit across again pulling tight to create a cord...google icord tho as there are better explainations with pics)
    break wool, thread through sts and fasten off

    sew hair to top of head as illustrated


    using blue cast on 2st
    1st row (inc) in both sts (4sts)
    work 4 rows
    next row (p2tog) twice, break yarn leaving long end, thread through 2 sts on needle and pull tight. run a line of stitching around the whole edge of nose and gather with a little stuffing inside, and attach nose to face as illustrated

    and ta-da...an iggle piggle

    his blanket is just 15 sts worked in sts-st to make a square, then blanket st detail in light blue

    I have to add that i am in no way affiliated with the company that makes the program and this pattern is only meant for personal use and all the other usual legal stuff, if you do own any right and are unhappy with me posting this please feel free to message me and i will remove it...thank you

  • 27th Jan 2010

    Nope...didn't get any ninja weapons worked out, need grey wool, can't find any in stash (i KNOW there is a nearly full cone of 2ply in the back of the cupboard at the top of the stairs...but getting to it would be like heading into Narnia)

    I have started a penguin...he's not going very quick tho, kids and facebook been getting in the way :DD

    On the sport side it has been a pretty productive evening for the footie supporter plonked on the sofa to my right

    Watching Rangers, recording Man U...Rangers winning...HUGE cheer from rangers supporters near the end for no apparent reason, it soon became clear as Hibs had taken the lead over Celtic in the dying minutes LOL. He's now watching the Sky+ed Man U game, i know the final result thru facebook friends, dosnt bother me, but wont spoil it for hubby, but he will be pleased with the result

    I have decided, after much deliberation, that my youngest son, the 18 month old, is nuts.

    You'll notice that it's been quiet for too long (ie about 5 mins). Go looking and you'll find him sitting quietly on the bottom of the stairs...with a blanket over his head...lift the blanket and he's grinning from ear to ear and says "pee pee booooo" (translation = peek-a-boo)

    That's not all tho. He "sneaks" up to you, by sneak i mean tiptoes like an elephant but he thinks he's being shifty lol, leans on his elbows on the sofa or coffee table looking at you...imagine the stereotype of a teacher looking over their nose specs, that pose but with a grin...and he'll stay there looking at you,grinning in fun until you look at him. At which point he'll quickly stand up, stick his hands out in "tickle monster" pose, shout "wwwrrrraaaaaaaooooorrrrrggghhhhh"...and run away !!!

    Usually to be found either sitting on the ottoman beind the front door using the coat bottoms as camoflage...or on the bottom of the stairs with the blanket on his head :DD

    I think he'll be an actor, most likely comedy...altho action possibly too which is another story...or something musical, again another story tho

    Kids are fun.

  • 26th jan 2010 part 2

    NINJA PATTERN (hopefully lol)


    Okay folks...lets see if i can get this written down in a way that people can understand. He turns out to be about 8inches high

    i used budget double knitting wool, about 40g of black, and oddments of red and light peach, with a 4mm crochet hook, toy stuffing to fill him

    everything is crocheted in a spiral, so no joining rounds, and anything in ( ) brackets is repeated through the whole round and stitch count is shown at end of round to help keep things right

    ch chain
    sc single craochet
    inc increase, work 2 sc in same loop
    dec decrease, insert hook in loop, draw through wool, insert hook through next loop, draw through wool to make 3 loops on hook, draw wool though all 3 loops to make 1 stitch


    beginning at top of head with black make 2 chain
    1st round, work 8 sc in 2nd chain from hook, 8st
    2nd round (inc) to end, 16st
    3rd round (inc, sc) to end, 24st
    4th round (inc, sc, sc) to end, 32st
    5th round (inc, sc, sc, sc) to end, 40st
    rounds 6 to 13 work straight

    work face rounds 14 to 17
    work 1 sc black and change to peach work 10 sc change to black, sc to end of round

    rounds 18 to 21 work staight in black

    round 22 (dec, sc, sc) to end, 30st
    round 23 (dec, sc) to end, 20st
    round 24 (dec, sc, sc) to end, 15st
    round 25 work 15 sc

    at this point fasten off any threads on wrong side and attach eyes. you could use safety eyes, but i made knots by winding yarn thru 6 times and pulling tight, sewing the two ends thru on either side of a sc, then knotting well on inside...then stuff head

    continue with shoulders and body
    round 26 (inc) to end, 30st
    rounds 27 to 40 work straight
    round 41 (dec, sc,sc,sc) to end, 24 st
    round 42 (dec, sc) to end, 16st , finish stuffing here for ease
    round 43 (dec) to end, 8st fasten off and gather hole closed

    FEET AND LEGS make 2

    starting at base of feet with black work 2 ch

    round 1 6sc in 2nd chain from hook, 6st
    round 2 (inc) to end, 12st
    round 3 (inc, sc) to end, 18st
    round 4 (inc, sc, sc) to end, 24st
    round 5 to 7 work straight
    round 8 (dec) 8 times, work 8sc, 16st
    round 9 (dec) 4 tims, work 8sc, 12st
    stuff foot then work 10 rounds straight on these 12 sts, fasten off and stuff

    sew to base of body with feet pointing forward, either open edge or oversew tops of legs 1st

    ARMS AND HANDS make 2

    starting at fingers with black work 2 ch

    round 1 8sc in 2nd chain from hook, 8st
    round 2 (inc) to end, 16st
    round 3 to 5 work straight
    round 6 work 3sc in each of first 2 st, work staight to end of round, 20st
    round 7 dec, sc, sc, dec, work staight to end of round, 18st
    round 8 dec, dec, work straight to end of round, 16st
    round 9 (dec, sc, sc) to end, 12st, stuff hand
    work 8 rounds straight on these 12 sts, fasten off, stuff and attach to body below shoulder increases

    and there's the basic ninja

    now he needs some belts etc,

    for the headband i made 40ch with red and worked 2 rows of sc, tied it round his head and sewed it together in the loop

    for the belt bit i made about 80 chain (i lost count due to the kids but it was only a stitch or 2 either side) and worked 1 row of sc, wrapped it over one shoulder,cross under opposite arm and tied around waist, again sewed fastened

    RIGHT...that is what i have done so far, he still needs some weaponry, maybe throwing stars, or nunchucks or something...that will follow in a later post after some experimenting LOL

    This pattern has so far not been tested again, so if anyone does please let me know results or anything that could be changed to make it better or easier to understand, or any mistakes i may have made writing it out...thank you XXX

  • 26th jan 2010

    The Ninja is done...


    i need to translate my shorthand to finalise my pattern...but he's turned out fine and the spawn recognised what he is ... 3 year old said "ninja", 18 month old said "wwwhhhhhaaaaaahhhh" with one leg in the air...you have to imagine a Bruce Lee kick noise to get the full picture LOL

  • 24th Jan 2010

    Now for the sensible post LOL

    I stuck up the re-eyed tree frog pic last night...he's really quite good but I don't think i'll be doing that pattern again. each of the 12 toes are made separately and then sewn on...VERY fiddly, but yeah looks good. Pattern was Lion Brand


    So what else was there...ah yes an octopus, okay this guy is amigurami rather than towards the realistic side, would make a great toy for a newborn IMO as long as you use well fastened off on the inside embriodery for the features. Having the two boys i usually used knotted wool for eyes etc as standard. Again he's a Lion Brand pattern


    and this is what he's turned out like


    Next was a little seal...the link i have is for the pdf pattern


    very pleased with this wee dude too...two pics so the tail detail can be seen too


    and finally...i've started a little ninja...the hubby has been playing Mini Ninjas or the xbox 360 and the spawn have found it funny...so cute amigurami ninja on the go. Work in progress and making it up as i go along...


    i've actually completed the body now and next thing is to work out the legs...hopefully more later

  • What is haggis...the answer

    Okay...traditionally it's mutton offal mixed with onion,oatmeal.spices etc shoved in a sheeps stomach then boiled...served with tatties (potatoes) and mashed neeps (turnip)

    i must add...by turnip i mean REAL turnip often called swede...the yellowy coloured one with purply skin that you make soup with...not the ponsy wee things the English call turnip lol

    That's what we Scots tell you...but in reality they are wee hairy beasties that run about the hills. They have what might be described as wonky legs, but that's for a very good reason...the males have short right legs and the females short left legs.



    the shorter legs make it easier to run around the hill, and as the short legs are on the opposite side on the different genders this means they will eventually run headlong into one of the opposite...and thus creating baby haggis's

    So we tell you lot it's this mixture of guts and rusks etc...just so you don't get upset about eating a cute wee creature


  • 23rd jan...maybe just into the 24th

    i'm writing on the cusp of midnight....and this laptop is slower than paint drying tonight

    anyways, got my photobucket account on the go again, had been over a year since i'd used it, but because the freebie stuff on here dosnt have that much image space i thought it might be a good idea

    so...for a tester...the red-eyed tree frog


bear with me...i'll get there
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